Zeolite sport turf management

Advantages for Clinoptilolite Zeolite applied to sod sports fields

As avid Seahawk fans and soil amendment geeks, we could not help but critique the field at Bank of America Stadium against the Panthers on Sunday. The field had been re-sodded less than a week prior to the game and it was obvious the root zone had not matured to the level expected from a professional field. Although we cannot blame the Seahawks loss on the field, as it equally affected both teams, it did spark a conversation of how Zeolite can benefit the root zone of fresh sod.

Heavy rains and heavy use left the field slippery and the root zone in a weakened state. Zeolite helps sports fields by acting as a soil amendment and providing increased drainage water. If soil compaction is the enemy of any sports field, compaction can be caused by use, the breakdown of organics, clay, and various other reasons. Zeolites’ in the root zone will increase aeration along with increase CEC levels which in turn will decrease the necessary time for the sod to take and establish itself.

Field durability will increase with the addition of water holding capacities and increased CEC in the root zone of a sports field. When spread as in infill material, zeolite will work its way down to the root zone and provide long term benefits without breaking down over time.

Zeolite has numerous advantages in the arena of water conservation and nutrient leaching as well.

  • Zeolite is capable of holding up to 60% of is its mass in water
  • Tests have shown the Zeolite can increase water infiltration by up to 30%
  • Soil moisture can be increase by 15%
  • Storm water is filtered
  • Nitrogen sources of fertilizer are bound in the zeolite framework and held for later use by the sod

Overall a great game, 12s will be back next season!