Why is Happy Cat Kitty Litter non-clumping?

Let us respond to your question with another question. Do cat owners enjoy scooping clumped liquids from their pet’s litter boxes? Clay clumping litter was introduced in the 1980s, clumping litter and most other products that soak up liquids from pets ask that the pet owner work together with the litter to remove the clumped liquids before they have a chance to stink up the house.

The reason for this is that clay is an absorbent material that works similar to a sponge on odors. It is only capable of absorbing a finite amount of odors before it is full, and the rest will pass through, un-absorbed.

Happy Cat Kitty Litter is different. It is made from an organic mineral called “clinoptilolite zeolite”. Zeolite was formed by a reaction of volcanic ash and a high Ph water source. This reaction gave Zeolite several key tools in the battle against odors.

The first of these tools is a very large absorption ability (similar to the sponge analogy above).

However, with up to 10x the surface area within each granule compared to clay, the ability to hold liquids is much greater. The second of the tools is the ability to adsorb odors. Please note the second letter is a d, not a b.

The adsorption of odors occurs when Zeolite uses its negative charge that was given during its formation. The negative charge will magnetically attract and bind with positively charge things (on a microscopic scale). This is beneficial for cat waste because cat urine is primarily ammonia based, and ammonia has a strong positive charge.
Zeolite will literally eliminate odors through this process and be selective by doing so. Water, for example, has a neutral charge. It will not bind with Zeolite and will evaporate off as just water, leaving the ammonia locked in.

So, to circle back to the original question; why is Happy Cat Kitty Litter non-clumping? Because scooping liquids from the litter box is not fun. “Eliminating odors” should not be defined as being eliminated by being thrown away by you, the cat owner. Put nature to work by using Zeolite Happy Cat in your pet’s litter box.


Alex DeVita