Zeolite for Odor Elimination

Zeolite Odor Control & Eliminator

Zeolite is a unique odor eliminating volcanic rock that can capture and control odors in two unique ways using the power of nature. The two ways zeolite controls odor are:

Absorption like a sponge. Zeolite soaks up odor causing liquids into the honeycomb structure just like baking soda.
Adsorption like a magnet. Zeolite attracts and controls the odors, allowing it to neutralize smells just like an activated charcoal.
Most other non-zeolite odor controllers only use one out of two techniques to perform, zeolite eliminates odors natural by using both.

It sounds confusing, and you are probably trying to figure out where you can buy zeolite odor control. Pure nature pets is dedicated to bringing all natural products with zeolite’s odor control capability direclty to your doorstep.