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Zeolite Uses and Applications

Turf Infill

Zeolite is a great option for mixing with other infill options. Listed for Organic Use by OMRI and Prop 65 Compliant.

Soil Amendment

Zeolite has numerous advantages in the area of water retention, conservation, and nutrient leaching prevention.

Animal Feed Additive

Natural Zeolite has been found to help promote performance and overall health in livestock.

Water Filtration and Waste

Zeolite can be used in filtering processes like fracturing water and reused, or entered back to the ecosystem.

Nuclear Remediation

Learn more on how Zeolite can help in the cleanup process of Nuclear messes and handling.

Solid Waste and Oil Field Waste

Zeolite plays a very important role in the filtration of Municipal, Storm Water, and Industrial Water filtration.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral found in deposits throughout the western half of the United States,
which has natural absorbent qualities with a variety of practical uses.

Wholesale and Bulk Zeolite

Bulk clinoptilolite zeolite for use in synthetic turf, mineral soil, animal feed, industrial applications, and more.

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Small quantity clinoptilolite zeolite for use in the home, business, research, or as samples.

Bulk Zeolite Supplier

Zeolite is Naturally Occurring

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral found in throughout the United States.

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Ida-Ore is a Zeolite supplier and producer with some of the best and fastest processing equipment in the USA.

History of Zeolite

Zeolite has been in use for over two thousand years starting with the Ancient Romans.

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