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Bulk clinoptilolite zeolite for use in synthetic turf, mineral soil, animal feed, industrial applications, and more.


Small quantity clinoptilolite zeolite for use in the home, business, research, or as samples.

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Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral found in deposits throughout the western half of the United States. Due to its unique molecular structure, it has both absorbent and adsorbent qualities, making zeolite an effective fertilizer and water filter. These seemingly contradictory characteristics give Zeolite its extreme versatility in a wide range of applications.

Zeolite has been employed in various industries for over two thousand years when the Ancient Romans employed it in their aqua ducts. In 1970s its filtration qualities were utilized in the USA for treating wastewater ammonia and radioactive material.

Since the 1980’s, Zeolite has been identified for use in many different applications and has become a very valuable commodity. It has been dubbed the “Mineral of the 21st Century,” and new applications are continually being discovered. Zeolite now has a wide variety of applications, including zeolite fertilizer in the agricultural industry, zeolite water filtration in the industrial sector, and even household use as an odor suppressant.

Ida-Ore Zeolite is a leading Clinoptilolite Zeolite supplier and producer with some of the best and fastest processing equipment in the USA. We have been supplying this versatile Zeolite throughout the United States and Canada since 2005. Our team has worked tirelessly to advance the application and overall research of Zeolite for industrial use.

We are always exploring different ways Natural Zeolite can benefit the industry you work in along with the environment. We strive to be the go-to zeolite supplier for many businesses across the US. Be sure to contact us at Ida-Ore Zeolite Mining to learn more about our services and get started making a difference today.

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