What Major industries use Zeolite?

What Major industries use Zeolite?

Zeolite is a very versatile mineral. The internal honeycomb structure and net negative charge can be used for all sorts of industrial and scientific applications far beyond the common odor control products for household animals. The list below highlights the many inquiries and uses that Ida-Ore Zeolite Mining is asked about or locates in product research. Give us a call at 208-515-6966 if your industry has a need for Zeolite.

    • Ammonia filtration for fish hatcheries, flush dairies, confined animal farms.


    • Zeolite is a commonly used a carrier for microbes and enzymes. Microbes are microscopic, single-cell organisms that can break down, recycle, and biodegrade various materials.


    • Catalysis for petroleum cracking.


    • Titanium Dioxide extender and odor reducer in the manufacturing of paint.


    • Heat storage for solar energy and solar refrigeration


    • Municipal Wastewater treatment for removal of heavy metals, ammonia, and total dissolved solids.


    • Soil Amendments for nutrient retention and water retention on turf farms and golf courses, especially in drought regions.


    • Soil Reclamation of Arsenic, heavy metals, and radio-nuclides.


    • Absorbent for oil spills on both land and water, if processed to a fine powder, Zeolite will float for a few minutes on the water, clumping floating oils.


    • Alternative product for Fly-Ash in concrete and other application. As Coal Power is exchanged for Natural Gas, the price of Fly-Ash will increase, allowing Zeolite to compete in these markets.


    • Nuclear waste disposal and storage. Yucca Mountain in Nevada is made up of both Clinoptilolite and Mordenite strains of Zeolite. The combination of net negative charge and the “micro-porous solid” structure of the Zeolite adds two layers of safety to the storage facility.


Zeolite primary attributes are the absorbent structure, resistance to degradation or alteration, and the ability to exchange ions. These qualities allow Zeolite to provide many functions in many industries. Call Ida-Ore Zeolite Mining at 208-515-6966 to discuss opportunities in your industry.

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