Zeolite Pool Media: Zeoclear

Zeolites are a volcanic mineral that has the ability to adsorb chemicals and smells. Zeolite is by far the most commonly used media to remove contaminants in pools. Zeolite is doing the job that sand and glass are capable of doing, and doing in better. Today even water treatment plants are now incorporating Zeolite into the purification of your drinking water.
Natural Zeolite is a better alternative to sand as it offers a greater surface are with a rough, porous framework that is close to half the weight of the traditional sand. This framework also allows for absorption and trapping of small particles down to 30 microns. It will even remove Chloramines, a harmful Chlorine by-product that is most difficult to remove. Zeoclear is also highly capable of removing Ammonia, leaving a higher quality of water. (Just in case of the kiddos peeing in the pool)
Backwashing is one of the most important steps in using Zeoclear. Ida-Ore recommends back washing at least 3 times initially to remove any small particles that will get into your pool leaving it cloudy. We also recommend timing each backwash an hour apart, for best results.
Once removed, Zeoclear can be upcycled to your lawn and garden as a slow release fertilizer. Zeoclear has absorbed ammonia ions which can be re-released back into the grass and plants as needed. For more information about Zeoclear contact us at (208) 515-6966 or email info@ida-ore.com.