Zeolite Home Uses

How to use Zeolite in your home

Use of Zeolite can help around the home in all sorts of creative ways to neutralize and eliminate smells caused by pets, carpets, musty basements, smoke, stagnant water, garbage cans or other stinky areas. Zeolite also helps to conserve water and nutrients in your lawn, trees, or plants. Even a combination of the two. The zeolite used around the home will become bound with the root cause of many odors, ammonia. This ammonia becomes locked into the zeolite as plant available nitrogen, a valuable fertilizer. If you spread the zeolite out on your lawn or mix into your potting soils, your plants will see noticeable benefits from the plant available nutrients.

We have had customers use our zeolite to remove muddy areas in their landscaping as well as help water infiltrate down into poor quality soil.