Synthetic Turf Zeolite Infill

Zeolite Turf Infill on soccer fields

Premium Zeolite infill for use on artificial grass, synthetic turf, or pet kennels. Zeolite is a great option for mixing with crumb rubber or other infill options.

Zeolite is a natural odor neutralizing artificial grass infill with an internal fixed and stable honeycomb structure. Zeolite neutralizes odors in turf by utilizing its sponge/magnet characteristics to attract and eliminate odors. Ida-Ore Zeolite maintains the characteristics of any good artificial grass infill along with the added benefits of reducing surface temperatures through a process of slow water evaporation.

Zeolite Artificial Grass Infill Highlights

What it Does for the Turf

  • Cools turf fibers through a process of slow water evaporation
  • Naturally eliminates odors in turf.
  • Non-scented odor neutralizer that performs like a sponge/magnet combination to capture and eliminate common odors associated with artificial turf.
  • The unique structure of Zeolite allows rainwater to continue to flow through drainage holes even after product settles in.
  • Environmentally beneficial
  • Safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

How We Help

  • Ida-Ore uses the best high-frequency screening device to produce the cleanest and most consistent Zeolite infill available
  • 3 available sizes specified toward specific turf types
  • Processed and produced in the USA

Specific Uses

Synthetic grass infill is available in 3 specific sizes based on your application and specific turf type.

Odor-causing liquids can flow through infill and turf and settle into the compacted base layer underneath. mixing 10% – 20% of our base mix will allow the Zeolite to neutralize liquids that may pass through, collect and dry out. Because of this, the Zeolite base layer is considered a preventative measure for high-quality turf installation.

Specific Uses

Synthetic grass infill is available in 3 specific sizes based on your application and specific turf type.

Designed for artificial turf with a pile height of more than 1 inch and typically without thatch or minimal thatching. This size allows for maximum drainage and blade support while still offering added odor control and cooling to artificial grass infill that Zeolite provides.

Most commonly found in backyard or dog boarding applications. This turf will typically have a pile height of less than 1 inch and will usually include some type of thatch to add softness and realism. The granules of our artificial turf odor control Zeolite are smaller to allow for settling down the top of the base.

For extra odor control on larger and more frequently used pet turfs such as multiple animal homes or dog kennels, we recommend Uricide Pet Odor Eliminator and a Microbial Stain Remover. After trying several different enzyme cleaners, Uricide has shown to be the best at breaking down the urea trapped in artificial grass infill that causes the offensive ammonia smells.