Why Pure Nature Pets?

  • Pure Nature Pets uses 100% Zeolite in its products
  • Zeolite is an all-natural and organic mineral
  • Zeolite is a powerhouse in terms of odor control
  • Pure Nature Pets does not use fragrances or chemicals to eliminate odors

Pure Nature Pets

Ida-Ore Zeolite has a full line up of pet products made from our Zeolite. All of our products are available in bulk purchasing for retailers and distributors. Contact us for pricing.

Kitty Litter Aid


5 lb bag

Fresh Petz


5 lb bag

Poseidon Filter Rocks


5 lb bag

Happy Cat Kitty Litter


10 lb bag

25 lb bag

Turf & Kennel


5 lb bag

25 lb bag

What is Zeolite?
How Zeolite Works?