How Can Poultry and Cattle Benefit from Zeolite?

Zeolite has many beneficial uses from commercial and industrial perspectives but also is helpful in agriculture when it comes to livestock, such as poultry and cattle. The ion exchanging properties of Zeolite promotes unique absorption/adsorption properties in which many animals can benefit from. This makes it a great addition through its versatile uses and applications.

Odor Control for Chickens and Cattle

Moisture can be a big issue in a chicken coop either contributing to higher amounts of frost in the winter or mold in the summer. As an odor neutralizer and moisture absorber, Zeolite is an effective litter additive option for chicken coops and dropping boards. Zeolite soaks up odor causing liquids into the honeycomb structure just like baking soda, and also attracts and holds odors, allowing smells to neutralize. Bothersome pests such as flies are attracted by the moist, warm, and smelly conditions of a coop or barn and adding Zeolite may help getting rid of these pesky nuisances. Zeolite may also support the reduction of moisture in the cold winter months, where moisture increases the risk of frostbite, especially in vulnerable areas such as your chickens’ combs.

Zeolite is highly versatile when it comes to usage and applications. It can be used in combination with all litter types, including sand, straw, and shavings. To use Zeolite in a chicken coop start with a clean, empty coop, sprinkle a layer of natural Zeolite on the floor followed by your litter of choice. Sprinkle additional Zeolite on top of the litter as needed to keep your coop fresh and moisture under control.

Feed Additive Benefits for Chicken and Cattle

In recent years, there have been several studies conducted where Zeolite has been used as a feed additive for livestock chickens and dairy cattle populations. Since Zeolite effectively combats ammonia, research indicates that adding this natural mineral to feeds may be an effective method of odor control for your livestock, including large dairies. Also, there is research indicating that chickens, may also reap the benefits of Zeolite through digestion by acting as a natural grit by adding Zeolite to chicken feed.

As a litter or a feed additive, Zeolite provides many benefits for you and your livestock.

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