Mining Zeolite


Mining zeolite is done with the use of heavy equipment capable of processing a 6” minus raw material at a rate of 20 to 40 tons per hour. The geography consists of a thick tuff that extends about 500 meters above the valley floor. Because the formation is cut by numerous faults, we are able to able to avoid the use of drilling or blasting and use excavators to break down the raw material and feed it into a jaw crusher. This process is much safer and less environmentally intrusive to the surrounding area and also allows us to reclaim the area as we move along instead of opening up a large area of land.

The operation can be easily scaled as we campaign mine and stockpile in warehouses and waterproof fabric buildings.

Zeolite Mining
Mining Capability for Zeolite
How to mine zeolite
Ida-Ore Zeolite Mine
Mining Zeolite Truck

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